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Russel L. Rodriguez – Comparison

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28th April 2019 

 For those of you who may have heard, Shopify recently burst on to the scene a few years back and offered a revolutionized way on how entrepreneurs can sell goods through a virtualized store. Shopify changed the game forever, enabling thousands of entrepreneurs to create online stores and dropship items using the Shopify integrated app Oberlo. We are in no denial the sheer greatness that the Shopify platform brings to the industry, in fact, if it wasn’t for Shopify there would be no Krepling.

Krepling was first brought about with the initial idea to improve upon the idea of Shopify. Whilst Shopify paid most of it’s attention to the e-commerce aspect, Kreplig looked at enabling entrepreneurs creativity and allowing anyone to create any type of online business, not just online stores.

How Do Krepling and Shopify Differ?


Shopify is a dedicated e-commerce platform, aimed at helping entrepreneurs sell goods through an online store. Krepling is more of an online business platform, enabling users to build all aspects of any type of online business, with the e-commerce part only being a small section of Krepling’s features.

Whilst Shopify’s main focus is enabling the selling of online goods, Krepling does not restrict its users in terms of what they want to sell and create. The biggest limit to Shopify as a platform was its inability to support certain online businesses such as businesses selling services, selling digital products and accepting donations.

Shopify also set limits on it’s hosting an email options, again focusing only on the e-commerce aspect. Krepling was built on the concept of offering complete freedom, this means it allows it’s users to customize its files, business emails, email forwarders and hosting options. This, of course, is something tech-savvy users did not see as anything useful, as Shopify rained in terms of simplicity but with many restrictions.

This can be summed up into one pretty simple difference between the two platforms. Shopify is focused on allowing entrepreneurs to sell goods online. Krepling is focused on allowing entrepreneurs to create an online business.


Website Creation


Shopify is a dedicated e-commerce platform. It’s a masterful, one-stop-shop for all your online selling needs. Shopify uses a very powerful drag and drop builder to create your store with plenty of free and paid for themes to choose from. Krepling is more than just an e-commerce platform, Krepling enables its users to create any type of business using a website builder powered by Weebly, arguably Shopify’s biggest competitor in terms of website building.

Both website builders are extremely easy to use and do not require any technical based knowledge to master. Shopify is an e-commerce leader for a reason, it’s builder helps you in every way to sell. Weebly likes to keep things simple and versatile, and its templates reflect that. Both Shopify and Krepling’s Weebly builder offer similar e-commerce features but it’s Weebly that allows you to create more than just an online store.

Krepling being an online business platform aimed at enabling users to create more than just a website, thus Krepling has more than just a website builder to its name. Whilst Shopify sought to thrive in the e-commerce aspect, Krepling looked to improve the all-around aspect of starting a virtual company. It is for this reason Krepling chose to partner up with Weebly, to allow it’s users to build any type of online business they desired, something Shopify does limit.



Both Krepling and Shopify’s platform provides stable and groundbreaking e-commerce features that enable entrepreneurs to sell and drop ship items from anywhere in the world. Although each platform comes with it’s pros and cons

Krepling and Shopify’s interface provides features that make e-commerce easy and sustainable. Both Shopify and Krepling’s builder allows for the user to accept payments through secure gateways and provide all the necessary shipping information to its customers. Shopify and Krepling will allow you to email customers regarding their orders and implement live chats and contact pages to increase customer engagement.

Krepling expands the email area of then “online business” aspect allowing you to send and receive emails from your Client Area as opposed to the continuous opening of numerous staff email accounts. Krepling defiantly takes the edge over Shopify when it comes to the aspect of email management. Krepling’s approach to catering for any type of online business also allows you to restrict users to a membership program, thus having articles and products that only members of your community can purchase or see. This is especially useful for running an events company or online course academy.

Shopify, unlike Krepling, allows for the use of numerous apps and plugins from the “Shopify App Store” that add allot benefit to your e-commerce store. This is the one aspect of e-commerce that Krepling lacks in as it only provides certain apps that will improve your hosting options, nothing related to e-commerce in particular. However, one must be careful when using certain Shopify apps as they can often add up to be quite costly and considering there aren’t many free ones, this can increase the cost of your already expensive plan.


Pricing and Packages


It goes without argument that Krepling offers far more in their packages for a far more affordable price. One can simply see this by examing either platforms most expensive and most costly plans. Krepling’s plans start from $15/month whilst Shopify’s from $29/month. Both plans offer very similar features such as powerful e-commerce tools, free templates, sales channels, 24/7 support, free SSL, shipping options, secure checkouts, and SEO tools. Shopify does, however, offer unlimited product listing in their basic plans while Krepling does tend to limit you. Whether that justifies the extra $14/month is up to the consumer.

A major difference can be seen in the difference between Krepling and Shopify’s most expensive plans. Krepling’s most expensive option is $35/month whilst Shopify’s comes in at a whopping $299/month. What’s the difference you ask? Well they are not that far off in terms of what they both offer. Both offer tax calculators, discount codes, advanced shipping options and maximize all e-commerce options and product listings. The key differences come with how each tech company handles the transaction fees and staff accounts. In Krepling’s $35/month plan there are 0% transaction fees. Making it a perfect plan to upgrade to when you are turning over a high volume of sales, whilst Shopify still takes a 0.5% transaction fee. Shopify also limits staff accounts in all of their plans, whilst Krepling offer unlimited accounts no matter the plan.

Why pay the additional $264/month? Shopify does use this plan to cater for very large scale companies by offering advanced report builders and low credit card rates. Companies who usually opt for such a plan do not usually put high concern on a small $299/month in their end of year financial report. Krepling focused on offering similar features of a plan of the same nature but setting it at a price where entrepreneurs can also afford it, also removing the transaction fee, thus making it a financially suitable upgrade if you are increasing overall sales volumes.



Of course, such an article published on Krepling’s website is obviously assumed to be highly biased towards one product. However, I would like to go on record as saying that both platforms are extremely powerful and reputable. Although Shopify has been in the industry for many years now it may not be for everyone and certainly does not cater to every type of business. Krepling was founded on the sole purpose to allow anyone to create or expand ANY type of online business from the comfort of their own laptop.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer and it’s difficult to give a final verdict on Krepling vs Shopify.

If you’re looking to start an online store as a quick side hussle as an entreprenuer or are a larg e-commerce corporation the Shopify is definitely a platform we’d recommend considering. But if you want to grow an online business into a full-time income and sell larger volume or are looking to start an online business that is not only relvolved around e-commerce, you will need the powerful business tools available on Krepling.




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