5 Best Dropshipping Niches For 2019.


Travis Gerada – E-Commerce

2nd May 2019 


Drop shipping is becoming ever so popular in the modern age. The recent rise of sites like AliExpress and other Chinese marketplaces have made the process even easier for young start-up entrepreneurs.

However, the overwhelmingly large selection of products and low barriers to entry have caused dropshipping on AliExpress to become an overall very saturated market.

So why go into dropshipping at all if that’s the case? Well, with the recent decline of physical retail stores and the boom of sites like Amazon.com and Gymshark, time has shown that there is a lot of money to be made in the dropshipping and e-commerce industry, but how?

It all boils down to the niche and product that you are selling.

Today we’re going to give you 6 niches that are working out and aren’t dying out anytime soon that are guaranteed to make you money in 2019.

1. Wireless Charges


This is a product that will replace wired charging as you know it completely if it hasn’t already. If you start a business on a niche that is growing fast, you are guranteed to grow with it.

People need these just as much as they need phones. With any technology, there are also lots of suppliers that can drop ship all types of things and this is definitely one that has taken off and is doing very well.

Everyone needs them so you will be banking off a permanent niche that only gets more advanced.

2. Wireless Headphones


Wireless anything, are skyrocketing in need. With the growth of Airpods, it has pushed wireless headphones and earphones into its own gigantic market alone.

It’s impossible to even count how many people have these wherever you look. It’s a niche that’s going to stick for as long as music does.

Why wireless and not wired? Well, just about all recent phones don’t even support wired and have already moved away from it. Everyone is choosing wireless over wired but there aren’t as many cheap options due to Apple’s way of overcharging everyone, so people are now exploring more affordable, less known options where you can stretch into.

BONUS TIP: Especially wireless headphones are becoming much more trendy in pop compared to earphones in 2019 so you can choose to focus on selling one more than the other.


3. Fitness Clothes


People will always want to work out.

The recent boom of mesh running shoes has made that a great niche within itself or you can simply sell aesthetic fitness clothes like tank tops with funny punchlines or quotes on them.

Once you have a niche that people will never stop needing, there is no reason for you to fail.

There are so many things you can sell in this niche as it is very broad. People are always finding ways to look better in the gym while having efficient gear that will make their workout more comfortable.

BONUS TIP: With a site based around fitness, you can even write articles about famous sportsmen, explaining what clothes they wear, the increased performance due to the shoes they wear or just on how to look more like them in the gym. People love to follow role models, so let them.

The possibilities with this niche are literally endless.

4. Phone Cases


Might sound minor compared to the others but the money it can make is huge.

With this, you are mostly targeting impulse buyers, who aren’t looking to spend too much money on something they come across.

Everyone who has a phone needs a phone case. Your audience with this niche is seriously everyone.

From creatively designed to leather foldable to impact protection phone cases, it’s such an easy niche to get into especially because of how cheap they are and because of all the variety that the niche carries.

BONUS TIP: There are also some suppliers out there that now allow you to customize phone cases and dropship them, allowing people to advertise your brand wherever they go.

5. Wearable Devices


The time of smart tech is now, people are buying them left right and center.

Especially wearable devices like smartwatches and fitness bands.

This niche stretches over a huge price range which is great for the two ends of the spectrum: impulse buyers and people who are looking to spend a lot of money.

People love having technology that gives them physical information about themselves that is also very accessible. Many physical shops don’t sell these either, so you can easily be the place to buy them from.

None of these niches fit your? Even better, use these as examples to finding your own niche.

When finding your own niche, always think outside the box and find a unique product which isn’t readily available. It is normally the simple everyday necessities that sell the most.

Niches are everywhere, these are just scraping the surface of what you can sell through dropshipping.

Other “know it all” drop shippers may tell you things like, “follow trends” and all that crap but you don’t want to follow trends, as they don’t last forever so it’s useless investing in a brand around a trend. Sell necessities that people will always need.

Make sure that they aren’t too easy to find in local stores so that your customers feel the need to order it from your website.

You want people to impulse buy and not compare prices with other sites so you mustn’t go too expensive with dropshipping, you always want to keep the price of the products concealed from your customers.

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  1. Lenard Boiles

    I just heard the Apple news! I guess they are releasing an Airpod Pro! I’m definitely going to pick some up for my iPhone.


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