6 Tips for Growing Your Business on Instagram.


Michael Abergel – Social

29th April 2019 

Optimize Instagram Reach with 6 Easy Tips

Nowadays it is impossible to avoid social media, you may know it as a platform to connect with your friends but you mustn’t skip the huge opportunity that social media has for your business.

Now loads of businesses and startups are pumping huge amounts of money into Instagram nowadays, and it still just inst working out for them. They aren’t seeing a wide enough reach, or their followers aren’t increasing or they just simply aren’t getting their money’s worth. Forget everything you know about Instagram ads, today we are going to give you 6 tips to grow your Instagram organically!


1. Be Clear About Your Brand


Users love a business that is clear on their intentions, it gives off a “no bs” vibe. Have a reasonable mix of interesting photos, motivational quotes, and generally interesting things. Make people want to follow your Instagram page because they like what you are about, not just because they just have seen your ad a thousand times a day.

Having one organic follower is worth 3 useless followers, especially when you are trying to sell a product or service.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what your customers want to see and what truly resonates with them. For example, if you are running a photography business and you are looking to increase your followers on Instagram organically, don’t just post the cool photos you took last Wednesday on your way to the beach, post some interesting facts, tips, and tricks related to photography, things that the average joe will find interesting.

Don’t just target those who like looking at nice photos, target a wider audience who are interested in cool facts or are just looking for an Instagram account that offers something fresh on their feed.

BONUS TIP: A good way to figure out what your customers would be interested is to find out what your competitors are posting. It’s always good to stay ahead of the game.



2. Post Attractive Content


Ever heard about audience engagement? Allot of Instagram gurus talk about it like its the key to growing your Instagram following base. Well, that’s because it is. Problem is, that no one really knows how to engage their audiences. Let us save you the hassle of reading a 5-page article on “audience engagement” and tell you that the key is to make sure that you are offering both great design and value.

 A simple picture can convey a thousand things at once, so it kind of pays you to make sure you say the convey the right message.

You can use apps like Typorama to create interesting posts, or if you are just a bit lost on what to post, you can always consult an Expert here at Krepling to help you, or you can just downright hire one of our Experts to design your Instagram posts completely!


3. Have Strong Calls to Action


Allot of big companies like Netflix are starting to use Instagram nowadays. Fortunately for Netflix, they never have to tell anyone where to go if they want to access their services. But there are a lot of companies who use Instagram and never actually really tell their consumers where to go, or where to buy their latest products.

This is where you can make use of the bio section Instagram provide their users with. Here you can put in a strong “call to action” that will direct users to your website or business.

We believe that it is usually best to direct users to your sales page or directly to your home page. Allot of companies tend to direct their audience to their address, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. Directing your audience to your website is a lot easier, as customers are much more likely to make a purchase then and there.

If you’re using the Krepling platform to sell digital and physical goods then it’s a no brainer to post photos of what you are selling. Using images themselves is a great tool as a direct form of engagement, and here at Krepling, our website builder powered by our friends over at Weebly allow you to even tag your products on your Instagram photos, allowing your followers to purchase your goods or services right from Instagram itself. Pretty cool huh?


4. Post Allot


Chances are you have heard this tip before. But wait. What if we told you there is actually a little more to just simply posting a lot of photos.

Instagram is kind of like a volume game. The senior officers over at Instagram haven’t released any statistics yet but through research and user experience one can actually conclude that Instagram definitely favors accounts that post more regularly.


5. Use Hashtags


Hashtags are not just for teenage girls trying to get more likes on their latest mirror selfie.

If your business has an Instagram account that is struggling to grow at all in followers, likes and overall reach, it could just mean that you aren’t using the right hashtags.

Hashtags act as a link/keyword that fits your particular post. The hashtag then links your post to a whole database of similar content, so that people from all over the world can find your photo.

BONUS TIP: Invest time in researching what is the most popular hashtag for your niche, and take note of all of them. Save them on your phone, then just simply paste them on your Instagram photos when you are ready to post.

To find out what hashtags are best fitting to your content, you can visit sites like:


  • SeekMetrics.com
  • InstagramTags.com
  • TagBlender.com

6. Cross Promotions


This was a method most commonly used back when Instagram first really became “a thing”. All cross promotion really is it’s a tactic whereby you would promote and share a partners Instagram content in exchange for yours. It’s commonly referred to as a “share for share”

Having other accounts sharing your content is a pretty big step. Having a team of people all cross-promoting each other’s products can really play a huge role in growing your brand or service.

Out of all the tips and tricks we listen in this blog, this is by far the FASTEST way to begin growing your Instagram account and your brand’s overall following base.

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