Is Fashion Worth Going Into In E-Commerce.


Jake Seamore – E-Commerce

14th April 2019 

“Fashion never sleeps.” Over saturated niche specific fashion does when there are thousands of websites selling the same thing.

People may say things like, “the fashion industry in e-commerce is a dying niche as it’s becoming oversaturated”. Well, that’s completely wrong. Fashion is such a broad industry in e-commerce so when people say how it’s “dying”, they are actually referring to those old specific niches in the fashion industry that are being dried out.

There is still is a lot of untouched land out there for you to grab.

Fashion is one of the biggest e-commerce industries out there with over 500 billion dollars in revenue in 2019 with shoes alone taking up 1/5 of that revenue. The shoe industry on its own is a huge market to go into. The rise of sneakerheads and big sneaker brands have made it ever so popular.

People who tell you not to go into these niches are the same people who are benefiting from it, trying to scare away possible competitors.

While fashion is actually very worth going into, there are some parts of it which are oversaturated and are dying niches which you should know about. The cheap luxury watch niche is a very good example of one that is being dried out immensely.

Only a year ago, people were banking off the trend of dropshipping cheap luxury watches from AlliExpress. Now because there are so many websites selling them, there is absolutely no space to make money from this anymore.

This mustn’t scare you from getting niche specific though. In fact, the only way to really succeed in the fashion industry in e-commerce is by going into very specific niches, for example, nice smart tech watches or only fitness clothes.

Just know that fashion in e-commerce is one of the most competitive business out there but don’t let it scare you away.  If the right things are kept in mind when approaching it, you can make a lot of money in it.

Always find something interesting that isn’t on too many other websites out there. It is very important that you always check out your possible competitors before picking a fashion niche.

Some fashion niches just don’t work and won’t any time soon. So it is important to acknowledge the dying niches and avoid them.

It is really easy to see through the customers’ eyes when picking a niche as even you have been a customer before. So this leads us into 3 simple tips that will help you out in the fashion niche today:

1. See Through The Eyes Of The Customer When Picking a Fashion Niche


Try to be logical when choosing what type of fashion to go into. For example, selling something like very expensive watches or suits online isn’t a very great idea as people are much more likely to buy those types of things in person.

Try to find things that you know won’t be readily available in any local stores. That’s why you should pick something that is nice and specific to go into such as abstract looking bracelets.

People will always need clothes to wear so be creative. Since you know that fashion is such a broad industry with so many undying niches, don’t pick the niches that can die out or simply don’t work.

You can even get really smart by selling clothes to very passionate audiences such as selling baby clothes which is quite a good one to go into as you will be targeting parents who want to satisfy their babies’ needs more than anything. This audience will never dry out as it’s a very passionate one.

2. Be Unique, Not Generic


Stick away from any clothes that are very simple and generic, even if it looks nice as if they are too generic, the customer would feel that they can buy them from anywhere.

Don’t sell plain white t-shirts or plain red beanies because those can be bought in any local area. A nice thing that you can sell on your website is something that looks very unique and out of the ordinary such as Mayan necklaces or creative looking jeans.

Everyone wants to stick out, so let them. When people see something very unique that they like, they are much less likely to browse other sites to compare prices.

The more heart touching, the item is, the more it will activate their inner impulse, making them buy it on the spot.

Some other examples of unique items may be, shirts with lots of unique designs or with funny quotes on them. Just don’t step into fan designs or any trademarked items. This leads us to the next thing that you should watch out for.

3. Avoid Trademarked Clothes


Things like Star Wars t-shirts or any merchandise can attract a lot of customers, but that mustn’t trick you into selling them. The thing with these is that they can make a lot of money because there is a lot of fanboys out there willing to spend money on that type of stuff in a heartbeat, so we don’t blame you for being tempted to sell them.

However, you should really stay away from selling trademarked items as it is actually highly illegal. There are many stories where people would be making money off these types of items but they don’t have very happy endings. So we don’t want you to make the same mistake.

You also can’t rely on them, as suppliers take them off sites so quickly due to illegality so it’s only short term-money for you. You always want a stable niche that is full-proof to base your wealth on, anything that holds a bit of uncertainty shouldn’t be invested hugely in.

Never believe those people who tell you how over saturated the fashion industry is as that is literally impossible. This has shown you how much opportunity there is in fashion ready for you to grab and make a thriving business out of.


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