The 6 Rules To Perfecting The Giveaway In E-Commerce.


Travis Gerada – E-Commerce

18th April 2019 

So you have an e-commerce store and there just isn’t enough buzz around your brand and there aren’t enough people buying your products?

A free giveaway is just what you need. Even if you are already doing well, giveaways are the perfect way of receiving free publicity.

Free giveaways make people remember your brand and make them feel cared about as a customer. It is a simple reciprocation. People will be much more likely to buy your products after being given something already.

it is easy to perfect and start using this “secret weapon” today and start becoming the most talked about business out there.

1. Make It Into a Game


Simple giveaways tend to be looked down upon as just a marketing scheme to persuade people into buying your products. This can give the opposite effect of what you want to achieve from it.

Why do you think casinos make so much money? People love winning a prize a whole lot more than being given a random gift. Everyone wants to be winners so make them that.

This can be achieved by hosting quizzes and fun raffles through Instagram and Facebook that the audience can interact and engage in. This creates a sense of fun and bubbliness related to your brand that will create the best first impression of your business.

People will come back for more after they’ve already been welcomed into engaging with your business. First impressions are everything.

2. Put The Winner On a Pedestal


Nothing is better than taking the limelight, especially after they’ve been given something for free. Share the winner of the giveaway on a Facebook or Instagram story. Not only would it make the person winning feel cooler but it would also make everyone seeing it want to win as well. Even if it means buying your product.

This will also encourage the winner to share it with their friends, stretching the chat about your brand even further.


3. Don’t Give Away Crap


The worst thing is when you win some stupid useless product that was collecting dust on the shelves. Don’t give them a small keychain or a pencil box with your logo on it, give them something that they can really appreciate.

One of the main reasons for a giveaway is so that you have people reviewing your product and sharing the buzz with their friends. Instead of hosting frequent costless giveaways, invest into a once in a blue moon giveaway of your best product. This is so that people can see what’s great about your brand, first hand.

Try and see a free giveaway as a trailer, movies release trailers to give people enough insight on what the film will be like so that they end up buying a ticket. Your real end goal is to have people buying your product. So the cost to budget a giveaway will be nothing compared to how much money you will receive from it.

4. Don’t Fake It


You may have thought about faking a giveaway before but never got around to doing it. Thankfully, you made the right decision, as not only is it unethical but it simply doesn’t work.

The worst thing that you want is people associating you with an untrustworthy business. There are far more other benefits to a giveaway that outweigh the publicity part. People need to realize what great stuff you are selling. People love to receive something for no cost, which in turn, makes them want to buy something from your website.

A giveaway is a trust and a brand humanizing thing, that is why it’s so powerful. Don’t take the best quality away from it.

5. Don’t Over Promote


The first thing you would want to do after setting up the giveaway is putting it up everywhere that people will see it so you increase the possibility of volunteers. However, shoving adverts down everyone’s throat in promotions and emails isn’t what’s going to make your giveaway work.

A little smart promotion is more efficient than a huge quantity of desperate giveaway promotions. Make it seem exclusive. The more exclusive the giveaway seems to the viewer, the more they will want to enter. If you over promote your giveaway, it defeats the exclusivity of it, thus making people annoyed instead of interested. There are many good giveaways out there that ruin the whole thing just by breaking this rule and being like a non-stop morning alarm clock.

Over-promoting is a huge problem as it would push away all the possible interested people while it would attract all those freebie hunters. Freebie hunters are useless to your business’s growth as they enter 20 raffles at a time. They won’t even know the product they are receiving, let alone review it properly. This won’t help your business grow at all.

6. Host a Giveaway At The Right Time


Always choose when to host your giveaway very wisely. Hosting a giveaway before a holiday is a great choice as it makes it more fun and festive, not out of the blue. However, never host your giveaway on the exact day of a family holiday such as Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving. This is because nobody is going to enter your raffle on the actual day as most people are spending time with family.

Rather base your giveaways around the holiday such as a week before Christmas or Easter as that’s when people would be more interested. Don’t host a giveaway at a random time either. Great times to host a free giveaway would be for black Friday or any sort of long breaks.


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