4 Tips When Starting Your Blog: Make The Ideal Blog Related Website.


Travis Gerada – Website Building

25th April 2019 

Whether it’s to make money through sponsorships or to simply have a place to throw down all your interesting thoughts on specific topics, a blog is a very nice thing to have when connecting with the people around us.

A lot of people just don’t know how to get it right or even start a blog in the first place.

Now you can stop making those silly mistakes and finally start writing some good content on your blog page.

Well, it’s ten times easier than you thought it was.

Today we aren’t only going to run you through everything that you need to know when starting your blog page but also how you can make it look perfect.

1. Never Contradict Yourself


It is so easy to contradict yourself when you aren’t thinking about your real-life opinion on the matter you are writing about. This is why you must always start a blog on something you truly believe in because so many blog writers lose their job when they contradict themselves.

Nobody likes being lied to, so if you say one thing and then another which is completely opposite, it breaks the trust between you and the reader. It makes them feel tricked and sold to.

The funny thing is that it’s so easy to avoid but nobody really thinks about this. Never think too hard on yourself when writing. See through the eyes of the reader and always remember what you have mentioned in previous blogs as well. For example, you can’t be advertising a burger joint in one blog and advertise a vegan sample in another.

The easiest way to avoid this is by writing about something that you believe in and side with consistently.

Once you start writing what’s in your heart in all your blogs, then you would be doing the opposite of contradicting yourself, you would be connecting all of your blogs to a single continuity. This would also make your viewers know that you are very certain with what you believe. It makes the world of a difference when you are genuine with your readers.

2. Don’t Write In Long Paragraphs


Forget everything that school taught you about writing an essay when it comes to writing a blog post. Blogs are not essays, not even close. Have your blogs display short, fluid and question answering paragraphs.

Never end your blog with a summary. Your whole blog should be an entire summary of the topic in the first place. End your blog with a nice conclusion or note so that it leaves a good taste in the reader’s mouth, making them want to read more of your work.

A great blog always touches the heart of the reader at the end. No one wants to enter an article that is based on a topic that they like only to see mile long paragraphs pop up in their face.

3. Never Sidetrack


We know that you would just want to throw all your ideas on the canvas of your blog but that can often lead to paragraph-long sentences that sidetrack all the way through. You must just keep the title of your blog in your head at all times when writing. As soon as you start going off road, stop what you’re doing and go back.

For example: If your article is on how to make a spinach quiche, don’t go on to say how lasagnes differ from quiches. If the viewer pressed on your article to know something, in particular, don’t talk about anything else but that subject as it would just annoy them if you started sidetracking. If you have a better subject to talk about than your title, then change the title entirely or write a separate blog about it. Nobody likes a side tracker.

4. Make The Blog Posts Easy To Access


This may seem obvious to some but others can ruin their whole game if their structure isn’t in order, even if the content is good.

As much as you love your blog posts, don’t have them popping up left right and center where they start to become a pain in the backside for the viewer. You mustn’t force your blogs down the viewer’s throat. On the contrary, you shouldn’t make them hard to find either. Never flood your site with too many items. Websites need to breathe too.

Blog posts are meant to feel warm and welcoming, not hard and obvious selling, doesn’t mean you can’t secretly upsell with them if you have a product to sell, just don’t make it obvious. This is because blog posts are meant to break people away from the usual commerce.

Blogs are the best way to share ideas and lighten up the world, so don’t mess it up. Here at Krepling, we acknowledge the creativity in all of you. That’s why we want you to express it in the best way possible, without making any of the mistakes mentioned. Once you’ve started to keep these simple tips in mind when making your next blog post, you will have the best blog out there.

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  1. I do agree with all the ideas you’ve presented for your post.
    They’re really convincing and can definitely work.
    Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for newbies.
    May you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time?

    Thanks for the post.


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