5 Common E-Commerce Website Related Mistakes.


Travis Gerada – E-Commerce

28th April 2019 


Getting into e-commerce can be quite an overwhelming experience at first, especially if you have never even heard of it before. Building your e-commerce website is the first major step you will encounter on your journey. If you choose to begin your e-commerce journey here at Kreping, one of the many features we give to our users is a state of art, easy to use, website builder powered by our friends over at Weebly. Which will help make the journey a lot easier.

However, although we make the process simple, there is some mistake a few entrepreneurs make when designing their website. We will be running you through all these mistakes that many websites make while showing you easy ways of avoiding them.

So let’s discuss these terrible mistakes that businesses and start-up entrepreneurs keep repeating with their websites.

1. Not Having a Mobile Friendly Website


Most people will access your website through the use of their phone. Don’t be that website that throws customers away by ruining the first impression.

Thankfully, the website builder that we provide our users with here at Krepling allows you to easily make your website fit on any device, so use it instead of driving your whole business into the ground for one easily avoidable mistake.

For something so simple, there are still loads of businesses out there that make this silly mistake.


2. Have a Strategy Before Building Your Website


This is as easy as writing out points on a scrap piece of paper.

Some people just skip this step. They just want to jump straight into selling and making money but this can be the worst thing you can do.

The way in which you have designed and planned out your business structure will play a key role in whether or not your business succeeds or not.

Many businesses would go as far as buying the domain and having all the pages ready before knowing what exact products they want to sell on their website. This is something you can’t do. Know what you want before you go out and get it.

Put together a small list of points:

  • My starting budget
  • What niche that I want to go into
  • What audience I want to target with my business
  • What products I will sell on my website
  • What feelings I want my website to convey

That’s it, a small list like that will help your business reach far greater heights.

You must never be afraid to zoom out and decide whether what you are doing actually looks good to the customer or not.

Be optimistic with decisions.


3. Not Understanding Your Target Audience


Your customers are the business, don’t leave them out of the equation.

Make sure that whenever adding something to your website, could be a product, a new page, an article or simply a photo. Make sure you think to yourself, “would my ideal customer like this?”

Some sites would never succeed just based on the fact that they are confused about who their ideal audience is and are way too broad.

Don’t be afraid to get specific with your audience. If you run a wireless phone charger store, don’t have blogs on the ideal phone case. Always be sure of who your target audience is.


4. Advertise The Product, Not The Brand


Provided, there are a lot of brands out there who advertise there brand rather than the product they are selling, like Nike and Adidas. Now a lot of these “e-commerce gurus” will tell you to follow suit and advertise your brand and not your product. This is simple wrong. Think of suceessfull e-commerce companies that advertise their brand. Do you think they started off like that?

Yep, that’s definitely not the way they started out.

They got famous because of their products not by throwing the “Nike Swoosh” on everything, even if they do it now. That’s not the way to start a business.

Post advertisements for your best products first. Nobody is going to invest in a brand that isn’t well known, so get well known for your amazing products first.

Show the world the awesome wireless headsets or those cool mesh running shoes that you’re selling. Show people why your business is great, don’t just tell them that it’s great.

After your business is popping up everywhere, then you can start advertising goodwill with brand awareness.

5. Lack of Accessibility


You want your website to flow, not be a clustered confusion.

Some people make the mistake in thinking that they need to throw as much information as possible and as many popups on the screen to make it look like they know their stuff, but this just makes it look too overwhelming for the customers.

Your site needs to be accessible to your customers. It needs space to breathe and it needs to have useful information.

Throw away those annoying popups and all those useless tabs. You want to welcome your audience into your website, not scare them away.

BONUS TIP: Always keep the word of Peep Laja in mind, every “mistake” a user makes on your website it’s not because they are stupid, but its because your website sucks.


If you’ve noticed, all of these mistakes involve, not being suitable to the customer base. Keep in mind that the customer base is everything when hosting a website.

Every business makes mistakes at first or may take longer to get growing, but you must always be patient, identify and learn from those mistakes.

Stop looking at making a website as a huge mountain to be climbed because that’s just everyone trying to scare you.

Making a website is as easy as baking a cake, with the right ingredients, the taste you want it to have and positive energy when making it is all need.

Luckily, here at Krepling, we give you all the ingredients you need in one place that will set you for making the best website out there. Believe us, making a website can be easy.



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