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Krepling Pay: Revolutionizing E-commerce Checkout

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Welcome to the next chapter in e-commerce innovation! We're excited to share with you the latest breakthrough from Krepling: Krepling Pay. Dive into our press release below to learn how this revolutionary payment gateway feature is set to transform the online shopping experience for merchants and customers worldwide. Original content can be downloaded at PR Newswire Copyright © 2024 PR Newswire Association LLC.

Coming out of beta, Krepling's user-centric payment gateway feature will help merchants reduce e-commerce cart abandonment rates and increase conversions faster

NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Krepling Pay, a payment gateway feature to streamline customers' checkout experiences. By May 2024, the payment gateway will be available in over 150 countries, bringing transparency to payment fees and encompassing multi-layered encryption and security features to protect user privacy and data.

Brands are missing out on potential e-commerce sales opportunities due to cart abandonment, which has a global average rate of 70%. Most online shoppers aren't completing their purchases because of high shipping fees, confusing return policies, or the time it takes to create a profile. Krepling Pay alleviates this industry challenge by providing a seamless checkout process for both merchants and customers that will save time and lower costs. Once customers input their personal and credit card information at checkout, Krepling Pay creates a digital wallet in seconds that encrypts the customers' personal information, allowing them to purchase items quickly. It can be used on any browser and device. The checkout process will match up to their currency and language preferences, enabling merchants to benefit from cross-border e-commerce.

"Merchants prioritize providing a personalized online shopping experience that is efficient and uninterrupted, especially at checkout," said Liam Gerada, CEO and co-founder of Krepling. "We used a data-centered and user experience-based approach to develop the most simple, fast, and useful payment gateway integration for customers to feel satisfied during their shopping journey while also helping merchants reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. Privacy is also important, so we made Krepling Pay PCI compliant to support 3D Secure Checkouts to keep the business and payment data safe."

Krepling Pay has been operating in beta since 2022 to test out different checkout systems, including the setup of digital wallets and the placement of return policy terms. The feature was used by merchants across wholesale, luxury retail, and Amazon B2C stores to experience the transaction process themselves and safety aspects. Krepling's offering enables merchants to customize their checkout layout with no extra or hidden fees.

Krepling Pay's initial rollout will be for users on WooCommerce, Magento, and bespoke e-commerce platforms and will be fully available to merchants in May 2024. Krepling's platform offers centralized e-commerce workflow integrations and customer analytics to help merchants track trends and execute impactful strategies. Krepling invites merchants interested in learning more about Krepling Pay or joining the waitlist to please visit pay.krepling.com

About Krepling
Krepling is the e-commerce enablement platform for mid-market merchants who want greater control over their tech stack. Its mission is to provide merchants with a more unified, expansive, and highly digitized e-commerce experience through its no-code platform that enables growing merchants and retailers to build and scale their e-commerce operations.