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Krepling raises multi-channel dropshipping capabilities with AliExpress partnership

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krepling + aliexpress

Krepling is the world’s first composable, no-code, platform built for e-commerce. Simply put, merchants choose to build their e-commerce stack on Krepling to be able to reach customers more effectively using clicks instead of code.

We’ve made enormous strides to quickly becoming one of the fastest and most prominent no-code enablers in the e-commerce space. We listen to merchants and have built an infrastructure that lends the degree of flexibility merchants need in order to reach their customers beyond just a simple web store.

Some important things to know

Krepling is 100% agnostic

Our platform’s unique functionalities provide us with a complete and holistic overview of our merchant’s commerce ecosystem. However, knowing this, we choose to remain unbiased when it comes to both integration and agency partnerships, allowing our merchants to pick and choose who and what they want to work with. This is core to the trust they put in us.

Such a high-level overview also lets us look ahead into the future. We try to predict a merchant’s needs on what they’re using today and work with agencies to help their clients grow. We also take into account new integrations and services on the market, as well as growing commerce trends to help our partners better serve their clients.

Today, merchants need more than simply ‘enablement’

As the e-commerce space continues to expand at lightning speeds, new and improved APIs and services are popping up all the time, and no individual solution can solve all the merchant’s problems or cover all needs. To solve this, merchants are often heading to headless solutions or are trying to add the integrations they want independently. Merchants are thus forced to tackle complex integrations, testing, and maintenance, all of which is incredibly inflexible and time-consuming – even for a full-stack engineering team.

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