We Support You

Open commerce is at the heart of Krepling’s core values. Your business is what we value most, and we strive to do everything we can to support you and your growth. Learn about the measures we are taking, get answers to your questions and get the support you need to help you navigate your business through this challenging time.

What we are doing


Give your customers a way to support your business through simple donations to support your cause. We are making PayPal donations accessible on all new and existing Krepling plans.

Gift Cards For All Plans

Ensure that your customers continue to support your business and remain loyal by offering gift cards. Gift cards are now available on all new and existing Krepling plans.

Free Hosting

We’re giving all users one free month of cloud hosting on all existing Krepling plans. Use it to mitigate costs and move more aspects of your business online.

Reduced Pricing

As physical stores begin to suffer losses, we are encouraging you to move your retail store online, or build a new online business. All Krepling plans will have a reduced sign up fee for new users.

Delivery Updates

For those Krepling businesses that rely on physical deliveries, we will be providing you with live service changes directly from the shipping companies we work with.

Support Centre

We have opened a COVID-19 Support Department that has been assigned to deal with all issues, questions, and challenges you or your business may be facing during the epidemic. The department is only accessible to Krepling users.

Information on COVID-19

For all the latest and real-time information and further guidance on the COVID-19 outbreak, visit the WHO website.



Is Krepling prepared for COVID-19?

Yes. Our team has worked extensively to ensure no impact or damage is taken to our critical systems or infrastructure. Our ability to continue to support our users, your businesses and partners is our top priority. We have ensured that you will continue to enjoy our 99.99% uptime that we promote all year round.

Will I be able to sign up for Krepling at a reduced rate?

We’re offering reduced sign up rates for all users looking begin doing business on Krepling in response to the economic difficulties introduced by COVID-19. Take a look at all Krepling plans to see the discounts we are offering to help you move your business online. 

Can I receive donations on my Krepling plan?

Krepling has made donations available on all Krepling e-business subscription plans. Learn about how to accept donations with PayPal.

How long will I be able to take advantage of the free hosting on my current subscription?

We’re giving all current Krepling users an extensive 1 month of free hosting and all new users free hosting upon sign up in response to the economic difficulties introduced by COVID-19. As we don’t know when the virus will be contained, we aren’t giving an end date to this offer. This page will stay updated with the latest information.

Can I pause my Krepling business during this time?

Yes. If you decide to pause your Krepling business at this time, your information will be stored for 50 days, and can be restored once you decide to re-open.