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The Earth Fund

Investing to help reverse the effects of global climate change, by offsetting commerce’s carbon footprint.

Krepling’s Earth Fund invests in the removal of carbon dioxide from our planet’s atmosphere by offsetting carbon emissions.

Working to offset the carbon footprint of our global economy

Krepling enables entrepreneurship to thrive in the long term with the aim of creating a low carbon future.

Atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide are at the highest levels ever recorded. In 1950 the world emitted just over 5 billion tonnes of CO2 – about the same as the US, or half of China’s annual emissions today.

By 1990 this had quadrupled to 22 billion tonnes. We now emit over 36 billion tonnes of CO2 each year. We are setting the wrong kinds of records, and this needs to change.


Carbon sequestration capabilities of mangroves forests

We invest in reforestation by planting mangroves on a dedicated plot of land in Madagascar. The areas in which we plant are carefully selected to ensure that alongside reducing carbon emissions, we are also aiding in supporting the alleviation of poverty by giving jobs to those in need through the Earth Fund’s efforts.

Mangroves are able to store and stockpile carbon from the atmosphere during their growing period from 50 metric tons to as much as 220 metric tons per acre. For the whole world, mangroves are therefore able to sequester more than 24 million metric tons of carbon per year.


Carbon neutral technology

To combat the greenhouse emissions contributed by data centers, as of 2021, Krepling has made the commitment to sift entirely to Microsoft Azure. This falls under our promise to be completely carbon neutral.

Funding economic carbon removal

In 2021 Krepling made the commitment to combat the carbon footprint produced by global commerce by helping and enabling brands and consumers to fund frontier carbon removal efforts when shopping online.

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