How To Build A Cleaner Looking Website

Published 22nd May 2019

Henry Collins

Here at Krepling, we don’t only want you to have a fast, smooth running website but also a user-friendly one. Who the heck wants an ugly looking website, obviously not you.

Here you can choose to build and customize your site as an added feature within all the business bundles. This Let’s your imagination run wild.

If you think that it’s complicated building and designing a website, you are seriously wrong. Krepling gives you access to a super easy to use drag and drop builder with hundreds of free presets to choose from (No coding needed).

These 7 simple tricks will make your website look 10 times more professional and attractive.

1. Stick To a Color Palette


Think of all those big websites and companies like Facebook, CocaCola, Cadbury, they all have prominent distinct colors which are related to their brand. Colors stick into people’s heads so much more than fancy design or text.

Always have 2 main sets of colors that people can identify your brand with besides black and white. A poorly designed website will not know what color they want to stick to, so it would just look like a circus mess with unrelated colors all over the place.

If your logo already has a color attached to it, then base your color palette around that. If you are struggling to come up with a color that best fits your niche or style, here are a few psychological effects of different colors. They all convey different feelings in the viewer:

  • Red is often described as warm, vibrant and intense. It can also be associated with love and strong emotions. You can use red for a restaurant or dating site.
  • Blue is quite a soothing color as it is related to the sky and the sea so it gives a calm feeling. You can use blue for a meditation website or a website that sells baby clothes.
  • Green is associated with nature so it conveys a sense of refreshment and safety. You can use green with a health-related website such as a healthy recipe website or even a treatment/therapy website.
  • Yellow is another color that conveys a warm feeling along with a cheery happy feeling as well. It has an energetic sense but must never be overused so I wouldn’t suggest this as your main color but rather a secondary one. Yellow can work well with a lot of other colors.
  • Purple is a color that is assigned to imaginative and creative thinking. You can associate purple with any business that encourages people to create.
  • Orange can also be an energetic color like red and yellow. It is very attention-grabbing, that’s why it’s great to be used in a marketing agency website.

If none of these sparked ideas in your head on which colors you are going to stick to throughout your site, you can visit to generate a color palette.

2. Stick To a Font Style


You may think that people won’t even notice if you don’t stick to a singular font style at first glance but it does ring subconscious bells in the viewers’ head if they see a splatter of different font styles.

Try stick to 1 or 2 font styles for your website as if you have more, your site will look way too confusing. If you spot any font styles that you fancy on other websites, you can use the Google Chrome plug-in, WhatFont. This detects and tells you what font style others are using. With all websites, you must always remember that consistency throughout your page is key to looking professional.

3. Have 2 DIfferent Content Widths


Some newcomers don’t take note of this one as it’s a very subtle but highly efficient method used by all those successful websites to make their pages look more organic and fluid.

All the pictures and text on your page takes over a certain width on your screen. If all the content on your page stretches out at the same width, your site may look boring. If it’s the opposite, and your site’s content stretches out at all different uneven widths, it can look horrendous.

Always have 2 different widths that you switch from now and then. It makes your website look more organic compared to a blocky look.

4. Don’t Put Those Ugly Google Ads On Your Website


This is probably one of the most important tips. Don’t run stupid ads all over your website. They look ugly, nobody likes them and they simply aren’t cool.

Your viewers would just find those pop-up ads annoying and intrusive. If you can’t stand them on other sites, why put them on yours. it’s like spray painting junk all over your new Lamborghini.

All websites are making real money off other things such as selling products, services or packages. Don’t stick to this outdated method, It’s 2019. Pop-up ads will only slow down the money making process as it’s a huge put-off for your visitors as it’s a very poor monetization method.

5. Remove Any Useless Features On Your Website


For some reason, some people still think that having loads of text and buttons all over the place makes their website seem professional. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It only makes your web page look like an airplane cockpit.

Don’t think like that. Minimize the number of items you have per web page as if there is too much stuff on one web page, it will make your site look ugly. Never fill up every space, your website needs space to breathe. If you remove all those useless features, your website will be so much more welcoming and user-friendly.

Never get too attached to features on your website as there should always be space to change and improve things. Even if you love an enitre page on your website, if it isn’t getting good feedback, get rid of it. Nowadays, companies like Apple have proven that the simpler a platform is, the better.

6. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly


Nobody is going to appreciate your website if they just see super small text that they have to pinch their screen to zoom in on. Websites that aren’t fit to all devices look so sloppily made. You do not want a website that repels instead of attracts people to your page.

Thankfully, the website builder that we offer will allow you to make your website fit on all devices. Nowadays, most people would probably be visiting your website through their mobile phones anyway, so it’s highly important that you keep this in mind when building your website.

Regardless of how great your content is, in 2019 it’s impossible to have a successful website that isn’t mobile friendly. You want your website to look great from all angles.

7. Take Good “About Us” Photos


To wrap all this up, your visitors will be in for a shock if your whole website is clean and accessible and then as soon as they click on the “about us” page, they see pixelated zoom-ins from old group photos.

They will think that you couldn’t even be bothered to get professional photos taken. Now I’m not saying that you need to have a studio green screen and everything. All you really need is a good phone camera with a suitable background that has outdoor lighting.

This may seem minor but if you want to look professional, don’t ruin your entire website with sloppily taken team photos.


These are all DIY tips for making your site look clean and professional but if editing the website yourself isn’t your thing, you don’t have to. At Krepling we support everybody. Have one of our experts build and/or optimize your website for you, so you can dive straight into doing what you do best.

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