How to upsell in e-commerce the correct way

Published 27th May 2020

A lot of people think that upselling is only persuading someone into buying something else right after they have already bought something. Well, that’s just scratching the surface.

Upselling isn’t only from one buy to another but actually, upselling can be used with anything content related.

In this article, we will be running you through everything that upselling consists of and how you can use it on your website to increase your conversion rate of sales.

What Is Upselling?

Upselling is the process of persuading someone into buying your product through multiple different strategies such as descriptions, pop-ups and recommendations.

Upselling is nothing new as huge businesses have been upselling to make millions of sales without even noticing it. Here at Krepling, we don’t only want you to be familiar with what upselling is, but we also want you to upsell in the best possible ways. That’s why we have compiled an in depth 3 point list of the most efficient ways of upselling in 2019.

1. Subtly Make Product Awareness Throughout Your Blog

 Nowadays, one of the popular ways that people come across websites is through blogs. It is the ultimate superweapon at attracting attention as it is the one thing that people don’t expect upselling from, so you can write them in a way so that it advertises your products very  subtly.

Upselling in blogs may have never even crossed your mind. Thankfully, now it did. Blogs such as step by step guides, top 10s or just interesting stuff that people want to read will improve your sales without even noticing it if you do it with this in mind:

Whether you are selling products, services or packages. In every blog you write, you can persuade someone into buying your products by creating needs for the viewers and having your product be the solution. For example: If your website sells wireless headphones and you have an article on why people listen to music in the gym, you can mention how people hate having wires dangling everywhere they go as they get in the way of everything. That would be subtly upselling your product as you sell the solution.

Once you have hit the sweet spot with the reader of the blog, they will feel the need to buy your product. Make every one of your blogs subtly advertise what you are selling.

Have it so that the further they read your blog, the more you mention how important it is to have a certain product or service related to the one that you are selling without directly pitching what you want to sell to them.

It is very important to not make it obvious in any way that you are selling to them as if they feel that your blog is just a straight up advertisement for your business when the title says otherwise, they are just going to click away.

If you think this is hard, you are wrong. By just having your products in mind at all times when writing anything on your site without being too direct, it will come by naturally without you even noticing it.

All websites which make millions use blogs to their advantage, so you must too. It is really easy to persuade someone once they are interested in the topic you’re talking about than if they were to come across your package or offer in plain sight.

The key is to have a broad number of blogs that attack concentrated topics instead of a low number of blogs that attack broad topics. A person would rather buy a shoe from a shoe store rather than from a supermarket.

You can even upsell between blogs if one blog isn’t enough to get them buying from your website. Have related blogs pop up after one another. They are the best way to gain someone’s attention without straight up advertisements.

2. Intriguing Comes Before Selling

 Only 5% of new visitors are going to buy from your website straight away so it’s better to introduce your business first. Think of the selling process as a date, you first have to introduce yourself and share your good qualities before you move any further.

If a viewer clicks on your website and there are already prices and sales popping up in their face before anything, it’s just going to scare them away.

Many people look at upselling as just throwing offers after offers at the viewer, expecting them to buy. This just gets your viewers pissed off, making them leave on the spot.

The secret to upselling is that you need to weave your product promoting into your website very nicely and subtly. You cannot spill out that you are just trying to throw another product at them. Have it so that the further the viewer scrolls on your website, the more in-depth you get into your product selling.

You never want your product selection to be the first thing that the viewer sees. Nobody goes up to a random girl they fancy and asks to sleep with them. It’s a process.

Thankfully it is much easier to change the face and first impression of a website than it is in person, so make the first page of your website look nice and welcoming instead of straight forward selling. For example: you can make the first thing the viewer sees, a question to the viewer that intrigues them, a picture of something they like that is related to your business or even a warm introduction to what your website is and what’s its purpose is.

Only once you have gotten your viewer hooked to your content and you’ve got them scrolling, then you can dig further. Then you can start mentioning, slowly, slowly on how your business helps people and what they would be missing out on without your product or package. As people fear losses more than they like acquiring gains.

Once you have enlightened them with how you are going to supply their needs, then you can roll in the selections of products that you sell.

3. Basing The Content On Your Target Audience Very Carefully

 The previous steps are useless if you don’t know and understand your target audience. To hit the right spots in their needs, you’ve got to know exactly what type of people are visiting your website or who you want to aim at.

It is really easy but still, lots of businesses fail by skipping this small step. Understanding your market is everything. Once you know your audience, you can start putting yourself in their shoes, asking yourself the same questions that they would ask and answering them before they think it.

The whole basis of upselling is just trying to calculate what the viewer wants and supplying it to them before they leave. So without the most basic knowledge of your audience, this would be impossible.

There are only two things that you need to keep in mind when writing the content that you are going to put on your website: What the customer wants and what you are going to sell to them to satisfy that. Just by knowing that, you will be the kingpin at selling anything in the world of e-commerce.


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