4 Tips That Will Improve Your Black Friday Game

Published 26th November 2019

Macy Anderson

It’s a no brainer that every E-business should not only be involved with Black Friday but on the front lines of it. So many struggling businesses are still adapting the old inefficient ways of approaching Black Friday and this needs to change. We don’t just want you to be a part of Black Friday, we want you to thrive in it. Turn Black Friday in your favor with these 4 fairly straight forward mindsets.

1. Don’t Be On Time

 Timing is everything! People may forget about this and often disregard it when the advert looks “aesthetically pleasing” but timing is actually ten times more important than the actual ad itself, especially when it comes to ads based on traditional annual trends.

Now you may be thinking that the best timing would be running your Black Friday special in the midst of the craze (working hours – evening hours on the Friday). We are here to tell you that doing this is very inefficient.

Whilst being very consistent with your marketing strategy is vital to be taken seriously, Black Friday is a huge exception. On Black Friday, your potential customers are receiving tons of the same adverts at the same time. You do not want to be one more annoying crumb on someone’s feed. Surprisingly, a proven great way of timing your Black Friday ad perfectly is to not be on time at all, market your Black Friday special very early and/or very late, never spot on time.

Market your Black Friday deal early (a day or two in advance) and catch all those early discount monkeys before they are exhausted by the whole retail industry knocking down their front door with “hot” deals. After this, market another Black Friday special targeting all the latecomers who think they’ve missed out. Why not host a Black Saturday?

This will be very enticing as it’s unpredictable. Many Black Friday strategies that fail are either because they are too predictable or not memorable enough. This leads us into our next spot on the list.

2. Make It Memorable

 Think about your favorite advert for a second, if we aren’t mistaken it was either funny, interesting, or straight-up awesome. Some people think of Black Friday as a simple cash grab but it can be so much more than that. Black Friday is a huge opportunity for your business to stand out. Advertise your Black Friday special differently.

Post funny or interesting Instagram posts that aren’t too promotional, in fact, limit the promotional aspect to a minimum as you want to gain the visitor’s attention first. Nobody will even visit your store, let alone buy from it if you seem like a sleazy salesman trying to make a quick buck.

If you want to be even more direct with your previous or potential customers, send them quirky emails that will brighten up their mood and excitement.

Bonus tip: Don’t break the discount to them straight away. You can build an element of surprise if you hide the details by telling them to “be excited, you’re getting a discount”. This will give them the urge to open it up. This leads us into our next spot on the list.

3. Discounts Don’t Get You Clicks

For many businesses, they think that the discount is the thing that attracts customers into your store, and they would’ve been correct if it were the 90s. Nowadays, there are so many stores advertising their discounts as their main source of interest which end up in a spam box by sounding too promotional and even if they don’t end up there, nobody is interested anyway. This is what a Black Friday shopper’s inbox looks like:

You should never be in a rush to tell your customer the discount you are offering. You must first catch their attention with something not everyone is telling them, something unique. Once they have taken some time to view your email or post and their attention is caught, you must build on their excitement even more, eventually directing them to your website to see the actual special.

You can offer mystery savings by directing your potential customers to interactive scratch cards by using Zembula’s templates. This is very efficient as it not only lets the customer read your selling point but interact with it too. This process of building their excitement will make your visitors so much more reluctant to simply exit out of the whole thing.

On Black Friday, you aren’t in the discount game, you’re in the attention game. Send a funny email to gain their interest or shock them into opening it with a sweeping statement, or even do both like Chubbies did:

4. Create Buzz Through Variety

24 hours is a long time, you can’t expect to have one set of deals in that time frame. Spice it up a little by having hourly deals. This may be hard if you are a solopreneur but it is so efficient, especially for stores with lots of selection. This will make your business so much more alive.

Black Friday is the Super Bowl for E-commerce goers and everyone wants to be a part of it, so you have to make your social media feeds shine throughout it. You can do this by having product posts based around every live discount. Posting multiple social media posts in one day may be tedious, so it’s probably a better option to automate them in advance using a tool like Buffer to minimize the annoying manual scheduling.

Never forget to add special hashtags to your Black Friday posts such as #BlackFriday and #BlackFriday2019 as these will always catch a few discount monkeys who scroll through all the posts with Black Friday hashtags.

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