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Krepling Inc. was founded on the 26th of January 2019 with the aim to power and centralize all global industries through one centralized e-business platform.


Krepling’s Global Opporunity 

Growing Venture.

Krepling is building a centralized commerce and business management system unlike anything in present rival markets. Its powerful tools are powering all businesses, with any business model, of all sizes, in 6 different continents, and in 25 different languages.

Sustainable Business Model.

Krepling runs off a model that encourages worldwide entrepreneurship and sustainable business growth in all industries. As users grow their online businesses, they reinvest earnings, creating a better consumer experience, which in turn benefits their business and Krepling.

Leading in Centralization.

The average enterprise or entrepreneur uses a minimum of 4 products or services to manage their businesses and content. Krepling solves the pain of excessive third party usage allowing businesses to centralize their growth and scale more effectively.

Global Hub For Commerce Data.

Krepling’s all-inclusive nature allows it’s systems to collect data points from virtually all commerce related industries across the internet, thus creating highly scalable data-driven economy for business owners consumers alike.

Investor Information


Krepling’s Investor Relations page seeks to provide relative information about Krepling Inc. for potential investors and financial analysts. Such information includes Krepling’s announcements and relevant information in line with the company’s investor relations policy.

Corporate Governance.

Krepling Inc is focused on practicing the principles of responsible and mission-driven corporate governance aimed at fulfilling a wider value-driven goal. The Board considers it’s corporate governance principles as its primary means of instilling confidence on the part of the present and future shareholders, creditors, employees, and business partners.

Board Of Directors

Liam JE Gerada

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Liam JE Gerada co-founded Krepling in January 2019, and has served as a member of our board of directors since that time. Liam has served as our Chief Executive Officer since October 2019. Prior to that, Liam acted as our Chief Technology Officer between January 2019 and October 2019. Liam has worked with the core team that is responsible for the framework of the Krepling platform. Prior to that, Liam had played a role in the popular consignment market place titled “The Kingsfare”, which he exited in mid-2019.

Travis Gerada

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Oficer

Travis Gerada is the second co-founder that helped successfully launch Krepling in January 2019 and has served as a member of our board of directors ever since. Travis has served as our Head of Creative Design since March 2020. Prior to that, Travis acted as our Head of UI between February 2019 and February 2020. 


Yahoo Finance

Krepling’s Remote Work Model Turns Out to be a Beneficial One Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Krepling was also one of the only e-commerce platforms to have a price reduction on all of its key plans, something critics and business leaders were quick to call a ‘bold move’ by the company. However, it’s Krepling’s move towards the remote workspace that has proven to be transformational for the company.


Most Disruptive CMSs of 2020

““Krepling disrupted the relative software industries upon market entry by creating new value amongst business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs through a more user-friendly open-source platform without limitations in terms of scalability and creativity whilst also providing the retail industry with a lower-cost version of other premium CMS products like Shopify.”.


Krepling Enters Into The E-Commerce Space Further Changing The Idea Of Online Retail

“Krepling’s recent market entry has challenged the idea of online retail in an attempt to open up the playing field by offering its services to businesses, bloggers, online course sellers and idealists alike to begin selling their products and services online whilst providing quality user service to ensure business success.”

Investor FAQs

What does Krepling do?

Krepling one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing global centralized commerce companies. Krepling’s approach towards e-business and commerce as a whole is by providing a centralized and all-inclusive tool to build, grow, and scale any online-based business of any size.

Krepling centralizes global commerce and creates and allows all industry leaders, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and consumers to participate. Krepling’s primary product offerings are designed and engineered for scalability and are user friendly in nature. Krepling powers business across the globe on 6 different continents and is trusted by large enterprises and small businesses alike.

What countries is Krepling available in?

Krepling is available worldwide. With support departments in 5 different countries and a user-facing platform catering for 24 different languages, Krepling is being used across the globe without any major limitations.

Is Krepling privately owend?

Krepling is a privately held company and was bootstrapped throughout its MVP development right up to its initial beta launch and beyond, and we are proud of it. We have charted our own course, guided by our core values and the needs of our users.

Contact Us

Jonathan Bowden

Strategic Business Advisor & Head of Investor Relations

[email protected]

Jonathan Bowden has served as a strategic business advisor and as head of investor relations since May 2020. Mr. Bowden is the Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner of Oppor2nity Ventures, a North Carolina-based venture capital fund backing, building, and scaling industry-changing technology companies. Mr. Bowden has advised, invested in, and co-built numerous successful companies and has been recognized for creating a premiere startup studios and tech-based venture capital firm.

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