How To Create A Productive Working Environment

Published 18th June 2019

Henry Collins

The environment you work in is always affecting your productivity without you even noticing. Your working environment can be one of the prime reasons for not producing good results when there isn’t a good vibe in your workspace.

The truth is, whether you have an office or you work from your dorm room, you cannot let your workspace grow fungus. The Workspace is just as important as where you eat. It is where you come up with creative ideas and make money. If your working environment isn’t looking too shabby, it can subtly poison your work efficiency and your entire business in the long run.

It’s vital to keep your working environment healthy, so let’s take a look at how your working environment affects you and more importantly, how you can pump good energy into your business by tackling 3 different aspects of the working environment.

We are all human and have feelings, moods, and preferences. This is why our environment affects us so heavily. Different things activate different parts of the brain. It can either be for the best or the worst.

The 3 aspects that the working environment can be split into are the physical environment, the social environment, and the personal environment. The physical is more on the actual workspace where you are working. The social environment is on the people around you who influence your workflow. The personal environment is on your internal routines and habits which influence your workflow.

Let’s see how you can improve each of them, making you the best version of yourself when it comes to productive working.

1. Physical Environment

The physical environment that you work in can define how productive you are. Different types of businesses prefer different types of workspaces.

For example, the offices of Facebook and Google are not like any ordinary offices. They activate the creative side of the brain when working by having a very bright and relaxed working environment. In the contrary, accountancy firms have their work environments very formal and neat as the work they are doing doesn’t require as much creativity as the other. Their work needs to be organized and formal.

This just shows how big businesses use different types of physical environments to convey different feelings in their employees to boost their productivity in a certain field. When setting your physical environment, you always want to aim at a space which avoids noisiness and disruptiveness. If you have many slacking options in your work environment, it will encourage you to procrastinate instead of working.

Now let’s say that you are working from the comfort of your own home, it is a lot harder to avoid these disruptions and bad influences as your workspace is in the same place as where you chill. That’s why it’s harder to make a separation from work and chill time but there must still be one. Even if all you need is a laptop and a cup of coffee by your side, you still need a separation.

Any spare room in your house that separates yourself from the normal environment helps a lot. Even if you don’t have a spare room, you must find a way to make the separation so that you don’t get distracted as easily. Headphones can work too. Maybe you can even put your phone away when working.

As soon as you step into this different environment that you’ve assigned to work, you will automatically be in work-mode. This is because your brain has made a separation between the two environments.

2. Social Environment

As much as you physically separate your working environment from your chilling environment, the influence of people around you will still get to you. Social media has made that ten times easier.

There are always going to be disruptions and bad influences around you, telling you to do the polar opposite of work. Sometimes it’s impossible to not let people around us affect us so instead of trying to avoid it, you can use it to your advantage. Surround yourself with suitable people, you should always surround yourself with 3 different types of people when choosing your social crowd.

1. Hang out with people above your work standards, who you can learn from. You don’t even need to hang out with them, you can get the same influence by just watching successful people online.

As long as they aren’t just trying to sell you their package, they will show you that wherever you are at, there is always someone working harder. These people will teach you to never be satisfied and always want to climb higher.

2. The second type of people that you should work around is people that are in the same place as you so that you can compete and work smarter, not harder. This will also help you to not feel out of place and unmotivated. It’s always healthy to have some competition.

3. You must always acknowledge people who aren’t using their full potential as they will make you feel better about yourself. This must be very limited as you mustn’t be distracted by them or feel too good about yourself as then you will automatically settle.

The best people to have in your social environment when working are people you can learn from as then you will gain their attributes. This is a good influence as at the end of the day, we are who we hang out with. Once you’ve surrounded yourself in a positive environment made up of positive people, you will become positive yourself. If you have someone in your workspace who treats you badly or holds a grudge against you, it will affect your productivity so get rid of them.

3. Personal Environment

 It is very hard to admit it if your personal environment isn’t healthy, let alone change it. This is partly because you are dealing with yourself here. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible as once you notice your bad habits and routines, you will know how to change them.

Wake up at a suitable time, keep your physical body healthy and in shape and get rid of any bad routines that are wasting your time. Our greatest enemy is most of the time ourselves so once you gain control over yourself and your own decisions, everything else will be a breeze.

Once you have a healthy lifestyle, it will have a good influence on your productivity. If you are going through grief or relationship issues, it is vital to put those problems into a separate imaginery box. This is so that those problems don’t contaminate your workflow. This may be very hard but you have to be strong with your decision making and understand your true values. Just imagine how much better you will be doing if you used up all that precious time you waste, doing something productive. You would become a millionaire.

Your internal environment will adjust very slowly but once a week goes by with a better routine, your productivity will be 10 times better. Everyone is different so there can’t be set rules for this one. Find what makes you work better, if it’s having private time with yourself that’s making you work better, then do it. If a specific routine isn’t improving your workflow, then don’t be afraid to change it or get rid of it entirely.

The better you know yourself, the clearer your true values will be, thus improving your productivity. Sometimes you have to change your internal environment before tackling the world.


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