Why We Started Krepling

Published 10th November 2022

Liam Gerada

Chief Executive Officer

4 years ago, my co-founder, Travis, and I sat in our garage working on our first consignment marketplace. We struggled to expand and reach customers as our business began to scale. Since then, the commerce landscape has changed and grown rapidly, far beyond what we had been able to foresee at the time. Merchants, just like us, began to start leveraging the best-of-breed products and services from across the entire web in order to offer a consumer buying experience that their customers would grow to expect when shopping online. E-Commerce evolved to more than simply selling through a website, the age of composable commerce had begun, and merchants needed to adapt quickly.

Today, merchants have begun building and maintaining increasingly complex ecosystems leveraging a multitude of integrations, services, and products from across the web – something they are beginning to refer to as ‘the e-commerce stack’. This includes payment gateways, email tools, marketing platforms, shipping and logistics services, loyalty platforms, tax calculation and FX services, accounting tools, inventory management platforms, and many, many more.

This in turn presents a huge challenge to merchants of all sizes. How does a merchant take complex, dynamic, and evolving commerce strategies and translate that into sophisticated purchasing experiences for consumers?

The short answer is that they don’t! Merchants are forced to make major compromises, work with separate data silos, and they end up paying for these shortcomings down the road.

It wasn’t until 2019, after selling our previous company, Travis and I set out to build the world’s first composable, open workflow, platform built for e-commerce, which is now leading a new paradigm for how merchants think about and manage their e-commerce stack and workflows across a multitude of integrations, tools, and other related services.

We built Krepling for people like us, merchants who wanted a no-code solution to building the most sophisticated commerce experiences that consumers had ever seen, all whilst using and managing the best-of-breed tools to do it. We believed that e-commerce should be a first-class product area across any organization, and we envisioned a tool that would allow anyone, from marketing, right down to inventory management, to contribute at a higher level than was previously possible.

Krepling went live on ProductHunt and became one of the top products on launch day.

Shortly after, we were funded by one of Silicon Valley’s most notable angel investors, Jason Calacanis, and got accepted into the Launch Accelerator. We continued to self-isolate from society in our garage and build what we believed would be the world’s most powerful commerce platform.

During our early days, we converted our home garage into what then was Krepling’s headquarters. From 10 AM to 3 AM every day, we sat across from each other on separate desks building Krepling, only taking a step back on Wednesdays to attend the Launch Accelerator classes which helped us refine our messaging and product tremendously.

Since then our team and investor list has expanded, we’ve raised over a million from notable investors across Silicon Valley and beyond, and have continued to serve merchants on a global scale. Not a day goes by that we are not working on a “never seen before” feature or solving an “unsolvable” problem in the world of commerce, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is possible. Our engineering team is constantly discovering new insights to better enable merchants to build beautiful commerce experiences, gain unprecedented analysis into their consumer channels across their e-commerce stack, and create out-of-this-world commerce functions.

All of this has been made possible by our team spread across North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom, and a team of investors who believed in our take on the future of e-commerce.

We want you!

We quadrupled our headcount in 2022, and are looking to do the same heading into 2023. We have open roles across all our teams with huge opportunities for personal and professional growth, regardless of where you are in your career. If you are excited and eager to work in the future of commerce we want you on our team!

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